Corporate off-site meetings or strategy retreats are a great way to close the year or simply start a new one.

Strategic Alignment

Planning effective off-site meetings

Fundamentals Of Great Off-Site Meetings

Successful off-site meetings or business retreats are the ones where teams leave the locations energized with 100% clarity & buy-in on the next steps towards achieving your organization's short and medium term goals. These four things are essential:-

Inviting the right people

Having the right people from your organization together during a retreat is key to its success. By assembling those relevant to the agenda (see below) and whose input can help improve or enhance the topics for discussion, your retreat has a higher likelihood of turning out well. If your retreat is just for a team and not for the entire organization, consider getting people to join based on their areas of specialization, function, or even level. This can mean getting people that are not from your core team, and it often helps with perpective change.

Choosing the right location

Location makes a lot of difference. When hosting off-site meetings or business retreats, a location that can be reached without hassles and has all the facilities needed for both the business aspects (and the fun aspects), can make all the difference. Sometime, something as simple as being at a distance away from the office to discourage interruptions is a key starting point to having your team focus efforts to work on the issues at hand.

Ensuring the agenda fits the company's objectives

Remember that off-site meetings or business retreats are infrequent, unlike regular meetings or review sessions. So when planning a retreat, resist the urge to pack the agenda with stuff that you already have other avenues to deal with, instead look for content that could spice up discussions and act as catalyst for charting new courses or solving those hard knotty problems calling for the retreat in the first place. Use external resources to facilitate sessions, conduct some activities, and inject motivation into the team. Resist the urge to have all your internal people do all the talking and sessions, it could make your retreat look like a regular office meeting.


Getting the dates right is key, not-too-early & not-too-late considerations ensure the retreat is relevant, and not a waste of time & resources. If you want a year-end off-site meeting or business retreat, holding it a few days or weeks (not months) after your financial year-end can be good timing, just like holding a kick-off retreat at the start of the financial year can be a good way of starting off performance on a good note. Timing takes the weather, travel times and costs of hiring or renting facilities into consideration.

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Success Factors

Our experts will help you select the things that would make your off-site meeting or business retreat fun and effective. The following areas are best-practices and we share them with you out of our extensive experience for putting together effective off-site meeting.



Events venues can make or mar off-site meetings or business retreats, or any business events for that matter. Using our signature process we take inputs from you and then recommend the appropriate business event to suit your budget and taste. From hotels to resorts, conference halls and break-out rooms, our experts maintain extensive industry contacts across the globe and are able to provide estimates and advice within hours. We take the hassles off you by booking and taking care of the end-to-end requirements for business events. To see how this can be made to work for you, contact us now for a free consultation



An appropriate keynote speaker will be provided to match an event and audience. Keynote speakers are drawn from a database of personalities with proven records of speaking experience overtime.
Profiliant through this service provides professional speakers who themselves are also experts in a variety of industries and disciplines, who reach audiences as trainers, educators, humorists, motivators, consultants, authors and more. The speakers anchor short engagements and deliver keynotes for major events
Motivational Openings or Closing for large group meetings. Arranged as part of off-site meetings and business retreats. To see how this can be made to work for you, contact us now for a free consultation.



Whether it is a group party or an executive private dining experience, our experts will organise socials and evening activities to complement every formal event. We also integrate spouse programs effortlessly into your off-site meetings or business retreats and make them meld perfectly, even when the budget is tight. To see how this can be made to work for you, contact us now for a free consultation

Great Dining

Great Dining

No event is complete without food….and good food at that. Participants in a recent survey we conducted ranked the dining experience the 2nd most important determinant of a great off-site meeting experience.
We work with great chefs and nutrition experts to bring great dining experiences to our business events. Our planning is built around providing great dining experiences with diversity in mind. Our culinary experts take care of the greatest details to ensure that everyone's dietary requirements are covered. Whether it is Halal, Kosher, Vegetarian or other requirements. We work with our service providers to ensure that every retreat is complemented by great mouth-watering and healthy meals. Contact us now for a free consultation

Corporate Team Building

Corporate Team Building

When the requirement is for your team to leave the retreat better bonded and well communicating, we can help put together team-building games that address different aspects of workplace productivity. The content of such off-site meetings or business retreats include team building games, exercises, activities and tools for team cohesiveness that cover a range of purposes.
A real team requires many attributes to be successful:

  • Common Goals
  • Leading and Leadership
  • Communication
  • Trust
  • Accountability
  • Communication
  • Problem Solving
  • Decision Making

Our events consultants carefully select a combination of fun-filled activities and facilitators to suit each client's desired team building outcomes. To see how this can be made to work for you, contact us now for a free consultation.

Gifts & Incentives

Gifts & Incentives

Our research shows that cash alone does not always motivate. But we also know that many employers waste tons of money on the wrong gifts or incentive items that end up as demotivators.
Our experts will work with you to create a dream list of merchandise and gifts that will get your people motivated and keep them motivated. From the traditional to the cutting edge, the techie to the traveller, the selections boast the top products and rare combinations of lifestyle artefacts that have had proven appeal to all types of workers. To see how this can be made to work for you, contact us now for a free consultation.

Facilitating Strategic thinking

Facilitating Strategic Thinking

Using advanced Shared Vision and Action Planning techniques, trained facilitators guide each group to study the trends and patterns in your company’s past, take a point-in-time review of its current environment and competitors, then envision where you want to be, say, in five years and make an action plan of how to get there. Facilitators use stimulating graphics & exciting visual techniques to tap a group’s knowledge, creativity and help you work collaboratively to achieve your goals. Our facilitators suggest & design various retreat formats to meet client needs. To see how this can be made to work for you, contact us now for a free consultation.

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